Still looking for excuses that you can't go to the gym? Change it! SOMATODROL will help you start your adventure in the gym. With somatodrol you will see the first effects after a few weeks! That will motivate you to work!
Building muscle mass has never been so easy and safe. With SOMATODROL you will build an ideal figure in possible shortest time. Proper diet for weight, SOMATODROL and hard workouts in the gym, make that the first effects will become apparent after a few weeks of using the supplement!
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Thanks to unique formula we were able to create perfect supplement


Description: SOMATODROL is a product that stimulates the production of testosterone and growth hormone. Those hormones decide on the muscle building and affect fat burning. SOMATODROL also eliminates spasms, muscle tension and provides a quick recovery after exercise reduces fatigue. Krzysztof Piekarz was using SOMATODROL during preparing to Debut Bodybuilding 2014 which become the winner. Use of the product does not pose any side effects. Thanks to result, gaining huge advantage over anabolic steroids. Usage: Take one or two capsules of SOMATODROL twice a day, on an empty stomach with plenty of water

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Almost every bodybuilder is using supplementation as an adjunct to diet and exercise. The most commonly used products are multivitamin or multimineral. For me, the multi-ingredient supplement is SOMATODROL. From beginning of the application I noticed that is a lot easier for me to do the exercises, and weight gain exceeded my expectations.

Piotr bodybuilder

The market is full of nutrients tahte were made for beginners or advanced bodybuilders.Be careful, when selecting these products. Many of them contain substances of questionable usage, often of unknown source, which can cause serious damage to the body. Personally, I recommend a completely safe and natural SOMATODROL.

Krzysztof Instructor

Each bodybuilder has to change eating habits. Typically, the first step is to use high protein diet, which helps in building muscle tissue. Often, however, we encounter a situation when such a diet is not enough. Then use the special nutrients, which are included in SOMATODROL. In my opinion this is one of the best supplement on the market that increase muscle mass.

Robert Instructor


Efficacy and safety of SOMATODROL was confirmed in many independent clinical tests

Fat burning The natural ingredients that are contained in SOMATODROL motivate the body to work, which starts the fat burning process. It is the effect of the supplement on the hormonal balance of the body.
100% natural SOMATODROL a conditioner for muscle growth only in a natural and safe way. The supplement is an excellent supplement to diet and exercise for both beginners and advanced.
Safety SOMATODROL is a completely safe product that has been subject to many clinical trials. Thanks to this product has unique safe formula for all practicing and training at every stage.

How get the best results?


A well-created plan in bodybuilding have very important role and its the often key to success. Before we begin to write down your workouts we should ask ourselves what exactly we need: we want to build mass, improve endurance, or reach muscles, chosen by our purpose, we must obey specific elements: the number of workouts per week, schedule a workout because of the individual muscle groups (also with the level of intensity and the size of the load ), the number of series / repetitions, length of breaks between sets and between workouts. Often it is recommended to conduct a training notebook in which we can save the results of our work. The more detailed analysis will be conducted, the more precious training can be done. Implementing training plan do not lie to yourself and be consistent in it. Believe in yourself and work hard, and the results will certainly be motivating!


Calculate how many caloric you needs. You will know how much energy you need and how to plan an appropriate diet. So, you provide your body with only the necessary calories and avoid useless accumulation of fat in the body. If you care for your work in the gym brought the desired results, you should help your body using fully-natural supplement SOMATODROL. That will help you supplement your daily diet and increase the effectiveness of training. SOMATODROL has a positive effect on the state of our body, supporting action during the hard work in training cycle. Warning! SOMATODROL has been subjected to rigorous testing so that we ensure that our product is safe for the body of each athlete. Remember and wrong-chosen supplements can endanger your health.


It is most often overlooked phase of any training! Many people do not realize that muscles after workouts effort to require proper time for recovery. A break is needed for the body to restore the affected muscle tissue training and prepare them for next effort. Healthy persons, resistant to stress, balanced and systematic have tend to achieve much better results from bodybuilders who are trying to shorten this path. Regeneration is necessary for the preservation of the effects which we work so hard. Furthermore protect us from the painful muscle injury or overtraining. Remember that SOMATODROL also supports the process of regeneration of muscle tissue, so you should be used at every stage of the training.

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